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Why I Chose To Pursue A Career In Physical Therapy


Years ago after graduating high school in enrolled in college like any normal 18 year old would do that was interested in continuing their education.  There was only one problem...I had no real interest in the major I had chosen to pursue.  Often times in class I would set at my desk and think to myself, "What am I doing here", and, "Graphic Design, is that what I really want to do?"  Don't get me wrong, Graphic Design may have been a good career choice for someone else, just not for me.  These quesitons lead me to think i had only one choice.  Stop going until i found sonmething else I was interested in and could see myself doing for the rest of my life.  I had everything planned out too.  Work for about a year or so and in the meantime figure out what major I was going to choose.  There was one major flaw with my plan i didn't see ahead of time.  Life has the tendency to complicate even the most simple of plans!  I got better jobs and as I did my urge to head back to college decreased.  A year quickly transofmed to 8 in the blink of an eye.  By the time I looked up I had two beautiful daughters and more than a mail box full of bills.  Everything wasn't all in vain as it may seem though.  My latest part time job opened my eyes and inspired me to do smoething more with myself once again.  I got my certification as a personal trainer in early February last year after nearly a year of studying on my own.  After working for close to six months I realized that I really enjoyed what I was doing and that helping people maintain peak health was something I really enjoyed doing.  That's when the thought crossed my mind.  "Why don't you go back to college and pursue your degree in Physical Therpay?"  A stroke of genius no was the perfect career for me in my opinion.  If I enjoyed training someone that much, I know helping someone get back to peak form after an injury or any other road block would make my day.  Physical Therapists have the know how to change someone's life and give them a means to go on.  I can say from experience that they can affect you in a major way and speed up the recovery process exponentially.  I fractured my tibia in middle school, and after months of wearing a cast and not using my leg I wasn't used to walking on it.  Without the help of a Physical Therapist I would not have gained my mobility back so quickly.  My sister also uses a Physical Therapist to this day to help her rediscover the strenght in her body that an unexpected disease has taken away from her.  When you throw in the major increase in pay I could be getting once I started working, the choice is easy.  So Physical Therapy it is, the key to my future and the career I plan on working the rest of my life.